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Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Chris N

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Meet Chris! A co-founder of Credit Supreme, Chris’ military background has helped integrate an efficient system of operations in order to enhance customer experience. He is extremely detail-oriented and has been analyzing credit for over 15 years, stemming from a strong background in the mortgage industry. His dedication to assisting his country and clients has equipped thousands of people with the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve the goals that seemed impossible without a strong foundation in the credit world.

Dimitri K

Director of Operations

Meet Dimitri! A co-founder of Credit Supreme, Dimitri has implemented and strengthened the core values of business operations. Punctuality, origination, and accountability for both clients and staff are held to the highest standard. His focal point is to provide his clients with a unique and fruitful experience, prioritizing a tangible plan of action in order to achieve the goals that are relayed to him. His dedication has helped thousands of clients walk into their first homes, get behind the wheel of their dream cars, and bring life to stagnant businesses.

Alex K

Senior Credit Specialist

Meet Alex! A co-founder of Credit Supreme, Alex has solidified his position as one of the most well-versed credit individuals in the country. His innate ability to be able to communicate effectively with any type of person has helped thousands achieve their financial dreams. Efficiency is his motto, and he strives to put clients on the right path in order to move the credit repair process as fast as possible. His knowledge and resourcefulness help shed light on many clients, and he is a great coach to have in your corner.

Adrian M

Marketing & Systems Coordinator

Meet Adrian! One of the first team members brought aboard, Adrian is one of the core operations managers. His duty is innovating new methods, structuring the organization, providing customers with the best software, and, more importantly, assisting clients with anything they set their minds to. His methodical and logical approach to situations has helped thousands of clients achieve their goals while at the same time optimizing the business and client business’ to achieve success.

Mary “Emy” S

CEO and Co-Founder

Meet Emy! The operations manager for Credit Supreme Latino, Emy, is one of the best Hispanic credit specialists in the industry. Her background in credit dates back to more than a decade, assisting clients with credit problems before Credit Karma was even a thing. Her knowledge and dedication to understanding the changes in the industry have provided thousands of clients with exceptional results and a much more deep understanding of the credit system. Her goal is to assist those who wish to one day become homeowners and business owners and equip her clients with the necessary tools and resources to make it happen.

Esther C

Dispute Processing Coordinator

Meet Esther! One of the core members of the team, Esther, is one of two members that has provided the stellar results our clients receive. Her work ethic and efficient manner have provided thousands of clients the opportunity to be released from the struggles of having poor credit. Before the sun rises, Esther is in the office researching new dispute methods, preparing and sending client disputes, and providing clients with the results. She has recently embarked on a journey to become more involved with clients and has already assisted thousands of clients in achieving credit success.


Seth M

Dispute Specialist

Meet Seth! The other half of our elite processing team, Seth, is the man behind the results our clients receive on a monthly basis. Dedicating himself to providing the strongest results for each and every client, his work doesn’t end at the end of the day. He continuously researches and applies new dispute methods and also stays in the loop for any credit-related bills or laws put in place. His goal is to establish Credit Supreme as the best credit repair agency in the United States; thus far, he has almost accomplished it.


Mafe A

Marketing Coordinator

Meet Mafe! A graphic and analytical master, Mafe is an FIU alumnus, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Graphic Design. She is responsible for the beautiful graphics, ads, and aesthetics of our company and continues to rigorously research market data to expand Credit Supreme’s brand. Her versatility is unmatched, providing the highest-quality graphics while maintaining social media accounts while she delivers on providing clients with easy-to-read and informative images.


Mike B

Senior Credit Specialist

Meet Mike! Although one of the newer faces at the Credit Supreme Office, Mike’s attention to detail and credit experience says otherwise. He has assisted thousands of clients to become creditworthy and focuses on a hands-on approach to teach clients the importance of growing and maintaining credit. He is currently in charge of the sales department, and his knowledge of the credit system and business has translated into assisting clients in establishing and developing their business credit. Whether you are looking to get your credit fixed, start a business, or build an existing business’ credit rating, Mike is a great resource to have.


Andres H

Credit Specialist

Meet Andres! The latest member of the team, Andres, has an extensive background in the car loan industry, helping tens of thousands of people get their dream vehicles. His knowledge of the credit system began after clients were getting rejected from applying for cars, and he began his journey in understanding the best way to help these individuals. Four years later, Andres has become one of the most knowledgeable credit specialists and has already helped hundreds of clients achieve credit success. His ability to formulate effective plans of action for his clients has helped educate and strengthen his client’s knowledge of the credit system to give them the credit confidence they need.