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Dealing with bad credit or derogatory marks on your credit report can be both emotionally and financially harmful. And if you are one of the many individuals whose poor credit score needs credit repair westchester is getting in the way of getting a credit card, purchasing a new car or home, or qualifying for lower interest rates, then you’re probably looking for a solution. Here are a few solutions that can get you on the right path to hiring a credit repair organization or professional.

The good news is that you have options when you want to fix horrible credit. The credit repair process can be hard to navigate. You can either do it yourself at little to no cost or pay legitimate credit repair companies to do it for you. The bad news is unfortunately credit repair companies don’t always do what they say they will do.

There’s a lot you need to know about paying for credit repair Westchester before you choose a firm.

That being said, let’s look at essential things you need to keep in mind before working with a credit repair Westchester company.

What Are Credit Repair Companies?

A quick Google search of “credit repair or credit restoration services near me” will provide you with countless links for firms claiming to do just that. What exactly do credit repair companies offer, and what can they do?

Generally, credit restoration or repair companies are third-party organizations that boost a customer’s credit rating for a fee. They market their services to people with poor credit scores or derogatory items on their credit reports.

Credit repair companies play off a rule outlined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act that allows consumers to dispute information in their credit files that they believe is erroneous or incorrect. They bombard credit reporting agencies with dispute letters on behalf of customers – on all incorrect information in the credit report – hoping that derogatory items will be removed from the customer’s report.

Is The Fix That Credit Repair Companies Promise Real?

Credit Counseling Services are legitimate. While some credit repair organizations offer real honest solutions; others don’t.

The simple fact is that while there are legit credit repair companies out there, the industry is filled with scams. It’s essential to do your research to know how to tell the difference so you do not become a victim to one of the many credit repair scams we have all heard about from a friend, co worker or family member.

A trusted credit repair Westchester company can help improve your credit score by reviewing your credit reports, removing negative incorrect, incomplete, or unverifiable information from your credit report according to the credit repair organizations act CROA and the Fair Credit Reporting Act FCRA. They typically achieve this goal through the following steps:

  • Analyze and obtain a copy of credit report , you can obtain free credit reports at from all three credit bureau
  • Dispute errors, negative items, unverifiable, or incomplete information contained in your credit report
  • Negotiate with lenders to help eliminate outstanding debts, charge offs or collections in accordance with your ability to pay based off your personal finances.
  • Make you aware of what you’ve done wrong and how to avoid further detriment and let you know if you have been a victim of identity theft

NOTE: In most cases a credit repair company CANNOT remove legitimate derogatory/negative marks from your credit report. Besides, everything a legitimate credit restoration or repair firm can do for you, you can do for yourself. It’s always a better option to hire a professional who does credit repair for a living to help you achieve the results you are trying to achieve with your credit.

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How Much Do Credit Repair Companies Charge?

Different credit repair clinics in Westchester charge different fees. However, most companies use a subscription model. This means you would pay a monthly fee between $50 – $200, depending on your package this would be the charge for 30 days including setup fee, first work fees and any other flat rate fees.

While the success of a credit repair firm is not always guaranteed, and you can do the work they do yourself, hiring a trusted credit repair company can make contacting different lenders and bureaus and disputing errors a more pain-free experience.

Tips For Comparing Credit Repair Companies

Consider the following tips when choosing a credit repair company near you:

Look out for the following red flags:

  1. They don’t disclose your legal rights and what steps you can take yourself for free
  2. They suggest you to do anything that seems illegal, like invent a new identity
  3. They guarantee the results they can achieve for you
  4. They charge exorbitant amounts of up front fees over $1,000

Do You Know How To Wipe Your Credit Clean?

It is possible to quickly clean up your credit rating without the need for a specialist. You can make payments to creditors to remove charge-offs and delinquent accounts.

If you have some spare cash, you can instantly fix your credit without the hassle of waiting for negative entries to disappear from your credit report or using deliberately secured credit cards to slowly build your credit score.


  • To wipe clean your credit score, it is best to contact creditors directly. They may have payment options that you could use.
  • If this plan is available to you, then you can get items wiped off of your report and only pay per item that is removed.

Who Owns The Debt?

  • You need to get your credit reports, and you need to get them from all three of the primary credit bureaus. These include Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. You can search for all negative entries that need to be deleted. It is important to find out who your creditors are and their contact information.
  • The only items that can be removed from your credit history is bankruptcy, late payments, errors and any information that is not verifiable. All other items are theoretically subject to negotiation.

Opening Moves

  • Reach out to all creditors by telephone or postal mail. For negative accounts that are reported to your credit reports, ask for a “pay-for-delete” payment. You can increase your chances of success if the total amount you owe exceeds $500.
  • If you have more money, then offer 10 percent of the total balance owed.
  • Increase your offer should they deny you. Make sure you ask for your cancellation within 10-30 days of receiving your payment.

Waiting it out

  • Waiting on your creditors response can be tedious. While the time taken to reply will vary from one creditor to another, you should expect a response within 30 days. Do not send money until you receive a written agreement clearly stating that the negative item will be taken off your credit report.
  • Once you have reached an agreement in writing, send the payment you agreed to.
  • To get the best results, complete these tasks quickly. You can send a check or use money orders if you wish to keep creditors away from your bank accounts.

Keep in the know

  • You should keep an eye on your credit reports to ensure that your creditor has kept their end of the bargain. Creditors usually follow up quickly. It is possible that your credit report won’t show up for 30 days because creditors take time to update.
  • You can now improve your credit score simply by making timely loan payments and paying your bills on time.
  • A clean credit report without negative entries has better odds of getting approved for credit cards and affordable loans. However, good credit history proves necessary as well for building up your score over time.

Evaluate fees and packages

  • Look for a money-back guarantees
  • Review customer reviews and potential discounts
  • Check if they offer credit monitoring services
  • Ask for results they have attained for past and current clients
  • Make sure the company has a physical location
  • Ask how the company will update you and what the frequency will be

Final Thoughts

Credit repair is a legitimate service, and it works. Unfortunately, there are plenty of scams in the credit repair industry. It’s up to you to roll up your sleeves and do some digging and research, so you choose a trusted credit repair company. An excellent way to find a reputable credit restoration firm is to ask friends, check out customer reviews, and review the company’s Better Business Bureau rating as well as their reviews on Google.

Reviews and word of mouth reduce your chances of hiring a fraudulent credit repair firm. Doing the initial legwork mentioned in this article solidifies your chances of getting better results and achieving the goals you would like to achieve with your credit.

What company does an excellent job with credit repair westchester?

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