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Credit Supreme is here to assist in achieving your highest credit score by making the credit repair process convenient, personalized, and effective. Credit Supreme’s specialized credit repair process, years of knowledge, and proven customer service allows us to provide a paramount experience. We put our clients first and have assisted in thousands of people being able to reach their financial goals.



Credit Supreme has an elite staff of credit specialists that know exactly what techniques will assist you with increasing your credit scores to reach your short and long-term goals. It’s not just about us removing negative items from your credit file. Throughout the process of us working for you we specifically guide you by providing intimate knowledge on tangible work you can do on your end so that at the end of our program you have expertise on how to continue maintaining and increasing your score. Those extra lengths we go for our clients is what separates us from an average credit repair agency. Our program takes only 5-7 months long with an average point increase of 130 for our clients. We have an overall removal rate of 87% which is far above the industry standard.


Providing A Free Evaluation

Before starting our program, we want to make sure that credit repair is something you need. A credit specialist will provide you with a consultation free of charge. During the evaluation they will point out your strengths and weaknesses and let you know what needs to be done on your end as well as ours to get your scores as high as possible. During the consultation, we will be looking for negative items such as collections, negative accounts, derogatory marks, repossessions, bankruptcies, child support, or anything else that may be impacting you negatively. We will also give you specific feedback in regards to positive items you can also add to your credit file so that you maximize your results.


Creating A Plan of Action

Upon signing up with us, you will always have two points of contact. The first will be your sales representative and the second will be a dedicated customer care representative assigned to your case. You will also have each of their direct contact information so you no longer have to call our (877) number any longer. Within 24 hours of signing up we immediately dispute all negatively impacting items across all three credit bureaus, Transunion, Experian, and Equifax.


Beginning of the Repair and Rebuilding Process

We will immediately dispute all negatively impacting items on your credit File. If the information on your report is not Timely, Accurate, or Verifiable, we will demand that it be immediately deleted from your reports. We will assist you along the way in letting you when to apply for new credit as well as how to maintain your current credit cards under the recommended utilization mark of 30%. Whether you have been through a bankruptcy, tough breakup, or made mistakes with your finances at a younger age, we’re here to guide you back to where you need to be.


Rinse and Repeat of the Process

Once we have received your disputed credit report results from each respective bureau, we will then evaluate the reports for the updated and/or deleted items. We will then generate new disputes addressing the items that were not removed in that particular month. The credit bureaus have 30-45 days to respond to disputes, so we set our clients results in the middle which is at the 35-37 day range. Throughout the process you will have full access to our portal which allows you to see everything we are doing on your behalf so that there is full transparency and visibility. Start with us today so you can relax and enjoy having the flexibility to get that car, home, loan, or any other item you’ve been dreaming of!


Ask About Our Referral Incentive!

Each of our clients receive a $50 credit towards their deletions balance for every referred client into our program. Our referral incentive program also allows you to receive additional $20 credits towards your balance by posting your positive reviews of Credit Supreme to Google or social media to help market our services. Additionally, our money back guarantee lasts throughout the entirety of our program. At Credit Supreme we strive to help good people with bad credit.

A Better Credit Score Is Closer Than You Think!

Getting started with us takes less than 30 seconds. Just fill out our quick signup form and one of our friendly credit experts will contact you momentarily.

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